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bufr_attributeshow to read attributes of keys in BUFR messages.
bufr_clonehow to create a new BUFR message by cloning an existing message.
bufr_copy_dataHow to copy all the values in the data section that are present in the same position in the data tree and with the same number of values to the output handle
bufr_encode_flighthow to encode flight dataset into BUFR
bufr_expandedhow to read all the expanded data values from BUFR messages.
bufr_get_keyshow to read values of different type of keys from BUFR messages.
bufr_get_string_arrayhow to get an array of strings from a BUFR message.
bufr_keys_iteratorhow to use keys_iterator functions and the codes_bufr_keys_iterator structure to get all the available keys in a BUFR message.
bufr_read_headerhow to read the header of BUFR messages.
bufr_read_scatterometerhow to read data for a given beam from scatterometer BUFR messages.
bufr_read_synophow to read SYNOP BUFR messages.
bufr_read_temphow to read levels from TEMP BUFR messages.
bufr_set_keyshow to set different type of keys in BUFR messages.
bufr_subsethow to read data values from a given subset of a BUFR message.
bufr_read_tropical_cyclonehow to read data for a tropical cyclone BUFR message.
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