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2019-07-01 TIGGE-LAM archive deprecation

The TIGGE-LAM archive data portal has been discontinued and is no longer available to users.

2019-06-03 TIGGE-LAM archive daily feed end

The TIGGE-LAM archive daily updates from all participating centres were stopped by the end of May 2019 as a part of the archive deprecation.

2019-04-29 TIGGE-LAM archive deprecation

The TIGGE-LAM archive is going to  be deprecated because of very low usage. The TIGGE-LAM data will remain accessible to authorised users via MARS, however addition of new data to the archive will finish during May 2019. Also data access to the archive via the data portal or ECMWF Web-API will be stopped (by the end of June 2019).

2018-06-18 Usage statistics

A new page with TIGGE-LAM data usage statistics was added.

2018-06-11 COSMO-LEPS archiving update

Starting from the 1st of June, 2018 four more ensemble members from COMO-LEPS model have been added to the archive. Actually the 20 eps members have already been available  since the 1st of December 2016 but that information was not provided that time unfortunately. Those 4 additional eps members could be added for the whole period potentially in the future depending on available resources.

2018-06-01 The new version of the LAM-EPS run by DMI

The new version of the  LAM-EPS run by DMI was implemented.The first affected runs in TIGGE-LAM archive are on 2018-05-22. The major changes:

  • new ensemble system based on the convection permitting HARMONIE-AROME model

  • outputs up to +42h
  • 1 less parameter for TIGGE-LAM archive as the large scale precipitation does not exist any more in the the convection permitting system

  • 2 newly provided parameters for TIGGE-LAM archive CAPE and CIN

2018-05-15 COSMO-DE-EPS replaced by COSMO-D2-EPS

The new set-up of COSMO model ("COSMO-D2") replaces the former COSMO-DE.  Methods of EPS member generation has not changed. The major changes:

  • grid spacing reduced from 2.8 km to 2.2 km
  • number of vertical levels increased from 50 to 65 with higher resolution in the boundary layer
  • model domain enlarged, mainly to the west

The updated description is available here.

2017-03-21 COSMO-DE-EPS model update

Following major changes apply to COSMO-DE-EPS update:

  • the use of four global models via BCEPS for initial and boundary conditions is switched off
  • initial conditions are provided by analysis members of an Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter
  • boundary conditions are provided by members of ICON-EPS (40 km grid size with a two-way nested grid of 20 km over Europe)
  • additional parameters of physics packages are perturbed
  • selection out of a set of predefined parameter perturbations is randomized (selection performed for each forecast start)
  • stochastic perturbations of SST and soil-moisture on specific spatial scales

The model description is available here.

2016-11-08 MOGREPS model update

The MOGREPS-UK forecasts were extended to T+54 (from T+36) starting from 9UTC run on 2016-11-08.

The updated description is available here.

2016-11-07 HUNEPS model update

The major changes in HUNEPS LAM ensemble system were implemented:
  • ENS boundary conditions used instead of PEARP ones
  • new 2 meter diagnostics improving 2 meter temperature forecast

The updated description is available here.

2015-01-20 COSMO-DE-EPS model update

The global model GME has been replaced by the new global model ICON. This change affects the COSMO-DE-EPS  because four global models (including ICON, GME before) are used to perturbat IC and BC (dynamically downscaled with BC-EPS). The updated description is available here.

  • 15/06/2014: Migration and consolidation of the ECMWF's TIGGE-LAM website
  • 31/08/2014: The end of GEOWOW project
  • 18/11/2013: TIGGE-LAM archive presented at MOS biannual workshop at ECMWF (by Richard Mladek)
  • 30/09/2013: TIGGE-LAM archive presented at SRNWP workshop in Antalya (by Tiziana Pacagnella)
  • 26/07/2013: TIGGE-LAM working meeting at ECMWF (participants: Tiziana Pacagnella, Richard Swinbank, Ervin  Zsoter, Richard Mladek). The minutes available in the meeting section.
  • 03/06/2013: The start of production archival of the second TIGGE-LAM dataset from ZAMG-Austria (ALADIN-LAEF).
  • 15/04/2013: The first dataset (COSMO-LEPS) has been archived regularly in production mode (back-archival since January 1, 2013).
  • 14/03/2013: TIGGE/TIGGE-LAM monitoring pages were enabled
  • 11/12/2012: TIGGE-LAM mailing list containing all technical and coordination contacts created.
  • 04/12/2012: TIGGE-LAM archive wiki pages created
  • 01/11/2012: TIGGE-LAM suite migrated and run under ecflow
  • 01/10/2012: Pre-operational running of a test version of TIGGE-LAM archive fed by COSMOLEPS outputs
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