Blog from October, 2022

With the DHS Move progressing well and the IFS Cycle 47r3 Release Candidate on the Atos on track for implementation on 18 October we would like to give you a further update on the remaining migration steps and any action you might need to take:  

  • The Atos system, replacing both the Cray HPCF and ecgate, is now supported 24/7, making it particularly suitable for running time-critical applications. From 1 November usage of the operational Atos HPC service (hpc-login) will be charged against SBU allocations. The Atos ECS service (ecs-login), which replaces ecgate, will remain free of charge.
  • After 31 October the Cray HPCF and all attached filesystems will no longer be available. The Cray will be immediately shutdown by the vendor and users must copy all files they need to keep to the Atos before that date.
  • From 1 November a full general user service on ecgate will no longer be available. All users are urged to migrate their activities as early as possible and copy all files still needed to the Atos before that date.
  • Users of the Time-critical option 1 (TC1) framework should now migrate their activities to the Atos, preferably by 18 October, the day of the operational switch-over. Once migrated please stop running your TC1 jobs in Reading. This framework will still be fully supported on ecgate until 31 October.
  • A reduced ecgate service will still be available from 1 November until 13 December, mainly to run TC1 activities. As ECMWF’s focus is on the systems in Bologna, ecgate will only be supported on a least-effort basis.
  • Owners of Time-critical option 2 suites should continue testing their workflow on the Atos HPC. We are contacting those owners to discuss the move of their suites to the Atos HPC.
  • Users of remote ECaccess gateways are advised to check with their Computing Representative regarding the availability of new gateways, necessary to connect to the ECMWF gateways in Bologna, On these new gateways users will need to re-create their ectrans associations.
  • While the DHS Move is still in progress please watch our detailed Move page for further updates and availability of data.
  • To run graphical applications in Bologna, e.g. ecFlow_ui, Metview, we will offer VDI Virtual Linux Desktops in addition to SSH access via Teleport.
  • The migration of ECPDS (the ECMWF Production Data Store) to Bologna will take place over a 2-week period, starting from 4 October, see our ECPDS migration page.  

To support users with their migration we are offering Atos expert sessions. Please see the event page for more details and to register.  

The information above is based on current expectations. For more details and to get notified about further updates and changes, please “watch” the relevant migration pages and the Atos documentation.  

Thank you for your patience and continued co-operation during this significant migration to our new Data Centre.