A rolling MARS archive containing the ENS BC data has been put in place. This dataset has the following characteristics:

  • The data are kept for 30 days.
  • The data are stored online in the Fields Database (FDB) on the HPC systems.
  • 5.75 days of forecast data are kept: hourly until step 90, then three hourly until step 138.
  • Data for the 4 daily runs (at 00, 06, 12 and 18 UTC) are stored
  • The Control and 50 Perturbed Forecasts are available, including the Surface and Model level data, not the data on Pressure levels.
  • The usual access restrictions to real time forecast data are applicable to these ENS BC data.
  • Global atmospheric fields are available. Wave data are not archived.
  • This dataset is only available with the 'mars' command run at ECMWF, not through the mars catalogue or the web API.

Parameters available:

Example MARS request.

    NUMBER      = 1/to/50,
    AREA           = 076/-015/050/045,
    GRID             = 0.18/0.18,
    ACCURACY  = 16,
    TARGET       = "mars_ens_[date]_[time]+[step].[number]",
    CLASS          = OD,
    TYPE            = PF,
    DATE            = -5,        
    TIME            = 06,
    STREAM       = ENFO,
    EXPVER        = 1,
    STEP            = 6/to/36/by/1,
    LEVTYPE     = ML,
    LEVELIST    = 1/to/137,
    PARAM        = Q/T/U/V/LNSP