The ECMWF Public Datasets Service is being decommissioned and access to most datasets closed on 1 June 2023. In a final step later this year, access to the remaining multi-model datasets S2S and TIGGE will be migrated to a different system. For more information and possible alternatives, please consult the dedicated page on Decommissioning of ECMWF Public Datasets service.

Step-by-step guide

There are 2 ways to access ECMWF public datasets:

  1. The Datasets Web Interface. In brief:
    • This interface will help you to navigate through the public datasets in a dynamic and user-friendly way.
    • After each selection, the web page is updated automatically in order to reflect the availability of the dataset.
    • The purpose of this interface is to help users navigate the content of the datasets, get familiar with it, extract sample data interactively and/or obtain the script to download data in batch. (see below)
  2. The Access ECMWF Public Datasets Web API service ie the programmatic way :
    • This is the preferred way for data download data using a Python client.