This guide describes how to install ecCodes with Python bindings in a conda environment (Note: Python here means Python 3; Python 2 is deprecated).

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you do not already have a conda environment installed on your system, the simplest is to download a miniforge installer for your platform

    To install ecCodes, you should download the miniforge installer for a 64-bit operating system with Python 3

  2. Once miniforge is installed, activate it and then install ecCodes using conda:

    % conda install -c conda-forge eccodes

    This will install the ecCodes library and its command line tools for you.

    If the conda install command fails and your connection to the Internet is via a proxy then you may need to set the http_proxy  and https_proxy  environment variables appropriately.

  3. The final step is to install the ecCodes Python bindings in your conda environment:

    % conda install -c conda-forge python-eccodes

Your ecCodes installation is now ready to use !

Update of an existing conda installation ecCodes

To update the version of ecCodes installed in your conda environment, first update the ecCodes installation using:

% conda update -c conda-forge eccodes

and then the Python bindings with:

% conda update -c conda-forge python-eccodes