Please use the ECMWF Support Portal if you have any issue with the system. Problem accessing our products support

When you fill the form, please add the following information:

  1. Userid or mail address
  2. Request ID
    This is the internal request ID that we use to identify your Web API request. Example: 57286f0d1fd472v1d1e2a545. It can be found in the standard output of your batch request or using the Web API job list.

    2016-05-03 17:35:38 ECMWF API python library 1.5.4
    2016-05-03 17:35:38 ECMWF API at
    2016-05-03 17:35:38 Welcome USER NAME
    2016-05-03 17:35:38 In case of problems, please check 
    or contact
    2016-05-03 17:35:38 Request is queued
    mars - INFO   - 20160503.164318 - Processing request 1
    mars - INFO   - 20160503.164318 - Web API request id: 57286f0d1fd472v1d1e2a545

  3. Request script
    Include the request script either in MARS or Python format.

  4. Output log
    Add the full log output of the request including the header as text attachment if possible.
  5. Platform OS and Python version
    Add the OS information (this could be the output from "uname -a") e.g. "OpenSUSE 11.3 (64bit) ..." and also the Python version (python -V) e.g. "Python 2.7.8"

The more information you provide in your report, the faster we can resolve your issue.