Where to find ECMWF's JupyterHub?

Go to https://jupyterhub.ecmwf.int and log in with your ECMWF credentials. You will require a second factor authentication Using Time-based One-Time Passwords

JupyterHub allows accessing ECMWF resources in an interactive and modern way. With JupyterHub, authorised users can spin up Jupyter sessions on multiple backends including High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF) and the ECGATE Service (ECS), leveraging the computational capacity and data resources available at ECMWF without leaving their browser.

Who can use it?

JupyterHub is currently available to all registered users with access to ECMWF HPCF and ECS. In order to use those services, non-registered users need to apply for access. People who work for a national meteorological service or scientists/researchers who work for a research organisation within one of our Member States or Co-operating States may follow the standard guidelines to access our computing facilities.