The Team meet in Beijing for the first time and worked together discussing the science and facts that characterise the Himalaya Tibetan Plateau area and the challenges involved in observing and simulating the key processes.Social moments made our stay very enjoyable as well as productive and permitted to know each other better.

HTP-Team-Pictures: ISSI-BJ premises (left) and ISSI-BJ-HTP Team-members (right).
HTP-Team-Scientists: Joining in Beijing from Asia and Europe at ISSI-BJ building on the first day
HTP-Team-Who-s-Who (left-to-right) Patricia De Rosnay, Emanuel Dutra, Yvan Orsolini, Martin Wegmann, Qiong He, Gianpaolo Balsamo, Congwen Zhu, Boqi Liu. (Not-in-the-picture): Yali Zhu, Yongqi Gao, Jing Ming.

 Team Members at the second meeting (left-to-right): Kun Yang, Martin Wegmann, Yvan Orsolini, Emmanuel Dutra, Wenli Wang, Retish Senan. Other attendees not in picture: Xu Zhou, Yali Zhu, Yan Wang.