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1. Brief  description:

After the KMA model update on 1.7.2022 the values of  Surface net solar radiation were wrong . Also there were some occasional unwanted zero values for some other parameters (like 2t, 2d, tcc, 10m u/v etc).

2. Recommendation:

Users should re-download the fixed KMA data from the described period if they got them during the period 1.10.2022-20.1.2023 in the past. 

TIGGE archive (all models affected)

Missing surface fields from the control forecasts in the period 2006-2019

1. Brief  description:

One MARS archiving tape containing mostly TIGGE global surface fields from the control forecasts since 2006 was corrupted and the data cannot be recovered. Here is the full list (lost-cf_sfc.txtImage Added ) of 710 dates between 2006 and 2019 where for some run times all cf/sfc data was lost for all centres. It accounts for around 6% of all cf/sfc TIGGE data in the period 2006-2019.

Since 2020 there is an ongoing effort to get that missing corrupted fields from the TIGGE archive at CMA which should contain in principle the identical data.

2. Recommendation:

Users should be aware of that issue and check for updates regularly by watching this page when the data will be recovered in the future.

Also there should be a remark in MARS outputs (mentioning the a corrupted tape was requested) when one tries to retrieve the affected data.

The idea is to