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Grids are defined in GRIB2 using an accuracy of 1/1000000 (one millionth) of a degree. If this accuracy is not sufficient to describe your grid (latitude/longitude of first and last points, as well as grid increments) without loss of information, you can use a GRIB2 feature that provides a way to describe any regular grid.

Please fill in the numbers that match your grid. You find the GRIB 2 code figures below.


Number of points along a parallel: 
Number of points along a polar great circle: 
Scanning mode:j scans positively
j points are consecutivealternate row scanning


Number of points along a parallel  
Number of points along a meridian  
Basic angle of the initial production domain  
Subdivisions of basic angle  
Latitude of first grid point (°)
Latitude of last grid point (°)
Longitude of first grid point (°)
Longitude of last grid point (°)
i direction increment (°)
j direction increment (°)
Resolution and component flags ()
Scanning Mode ()