The CAMS o-suite for CY45R1 (experiment 0001, class mc) was started on 26 June 2018 for the analysis cycle 2018062612. This o-suite  runs at T511L60. Main features (with new items in italics) are:

  • 120 h long forecast from 00UTC and 12UTC
  • IFS cycle 45R1
  • IFS-TM5
  • MACCity anthropogenic emissions - scaled over North America and Europe
  • interactive ozone and aerosol in the radiation code
  • coupled ocean (NEMO) in ORCA025_Z75 configuration
  • dynamically calculated dry deposition velocities
  • new sea-salt emission scheme based on Grythe et al. (2014)
  • emissions from volcanic outgassing accounting for sub-grid-scale height of source
  • GFASv1.2 fire emissions
  • IFS model resolution T511L60
  • analysis resolution T159/T95, using 12h 4D-Var and VarBC
  • analysis windows from 15-3UTC and 3-15UTC
  • time period 20180626 -
  • Blacklist: default CAMS cy45r1 blacklist
  • code branch: cxzk_CY45R1_COMPO_fixes
  • scripts branch: cxzk_CY45R1_COMPO_fixes / emos_CY45R1


Satellite data usage for atmospheric composition

Assimilated:AQUA MODIS, TERRA MODIS (including Deep Blue data), PMAp-A, PMAp-B
Assimilated:SBUV/2 21-layer, OMI, MLS, GOME-2A, GOME-2B, OMPS
Carbon Monoxide
Assimilated:IASI-A, IASI-B, MOPITT
Assimilated:OMI, GOME-2A, GOME-2B
Assimilated:GOME-2A, GOME-2B
MonitoredGOME-2A, GOME-2B


Changes introduced during production affecting the quality of the products

real dateexp datedescription of change
2018103120180928-20181031MOPITT data outage from 28/9-5/10 because of calibration activities. After the calibration activities MOPITT data of degraded quality were assimilated until 31 Oct 2018 because of an error in the retrieval in the use of a still-noisy calibration file following the hot calibration at the end of September/beginning of October. This error was corrected by the data producers on 1 Nov.


Blacklist changes

real date  expdatedescription of change
  1. Activation of TROPOMI NO2 for monitoring
  2. Replaced LATMOS/USB IASI CO by Eumetsat IASI CO

Deactivation of SAPHIR all sky radiance


Activation of SAPHIR all sky radiance for monitoring

201809112018091112Activation of NOAA-20 CrIS radiances
201810232018102312Set GOES-15 AMVs/CSRs and NOAA-18 MHS as passive monitoring