The CAMS NRT research e-suite for CY43R3 (experiment 0001, class mc) was started on 2017-09-26 for the analysis cycle 2017092600. This e-suite  runs at T511L60. Main features are:

  • 120 h long forecast from 00UTC and 12UTC
  • IFS cycle 43R3
  • IFS-TM5
  • MACCity anthropogenic emissions - scaled over North America and Europe
  • GFASv1.2 fire emissions
  • IFS model resolution T511L60
  • analysis resolution T159/T95, using 12h 4D-Var and VarBC
  • analysis windows from 15-3UTC and 3-15UTC
  • time period 20161001 -
  • Blacklist: black_ds_macc_nrt_43r3
  • code branch: cxzk_CY43R3_CAMS_esuite_revert_obstat
  • scripts branch: cxzk_CY43R3_CAMS_esuite

Satellite data usage for atmospheric composition

Assimilated:AQUA MODIS, TERRA MODIS (including Deep Blue data), PMAp-A, PMAp-B
Assimilated:SBUV/2 21-layer, OMI, MLS, GOME-2A, GOME-2B, OMPS
Carbon Monoxide
Assimilated:IASI-A, IASI-B, MOPITT
Monitored:GOME-2A, GOME-2B
Assimilated:GOME-2A, GOME-2B
MonitoredGOME-2A, GOME-2B

Changes introduced during production (potentially) affecting the quality of the products

real dateexp datedescription of change
201709262017092612Start of o-suite
201711152018010100Updated MACCity emission files for 2018
201712192017121912IFS code fix of "suhifce bug" that caused CAMS operational incident SD-1174
201803012018030112IFS code fix for operational incident SD-2705

Blacklist changes

real dateexpdatedescription of change
201710112017101112De-activation of NOAA-19 MHS due to degraded data quality
201710252017102512Re-activation of  NOAA-19 MHS and NOAA-18 AMSU-A channels 5 and 8
201712142017121412De-activation of GOES-13 CSR and GOES-13 AMV due to end of satellite life
201801102018011012De-activation of of GOME-2 and PMAp from METOP-A in anticipation of period without daily solar calibration
201802072018020712De-activation of Meteosat-10 and Meteosat-11
201803132018031312De-activation of MOPPIT due to instrument hot calibration
201803272018032712De-activation of MWHS2 and FY-3C GNOS during shift in orbit of FY-3C
201804092018040912Re-activation of MOPPIT
201804162018041612Re-activation of FY-3C GNOS

Re-activation of MWHS2

NOAA-20 ATMs and AMVs passively monitored