The CAMS NRT o-suite for CY43R1 (experiment 0001) was started on 2017-01-24 for the analysis cycle 2017012412. Main features are:

  • 120 h long forecast from 00UTC and 12UTC
  • IFS cycle 43R1
  • C-IFS-TM5
  • MACCity anthropogenic emissions
  • GFASv1.2 fire emissions
  • IFS model resolution T511L60
  • analysis resolution T159/T95, using 12h 4D-Var and VarBC
  • time period 20170124 -
  • Blacklist: black_ds_macc_nrt_43r1
  • branch: dag_CY43R1_esuite


Satellite data usage for atmospheric composition

Assimilated:AQUA MODIS, TERRA MODIS (including Deep Blue), PMAp-A (over ocean only)
Assimilated:SBUV/2 21-layer, OMI, MLS, GOME-2A, GOME-2B, OMPS
Carbon Monoxide
Assimilated:IASI-A, IASI-B, MOPITT
Monitored:GOME-2A, GOME-2B
Assimilated:OMI, GOME-2A, GOME-2B


Changes introduced during production (potentially) affecting the quality of the products

real dateexp datedescription of change
201701242017012412Start of o-suite
201702072017020712Re-activation of surface pressure bias correction after start of the 43r1 suite
201707122017071200No OMI NO2 data received. This is related to a bug in the DOMINO NO2 retrieval code at KNMI, which has affected NO2 retrievals from 19 January 2017 onwards. There is a slowly growing background bias in the product. This explains the much higher OMI NO2 departure RMS in the monitoring plots. Bug was fixed for 20170714.
2017082120170821Anomalous UVI values close to Brisbane were reported by BoM. This was related to anomalous aerosol values caused by GFAS detected wildfires in the area. AOD seems unrealistically high. Interestingly, the current e-suite (expver 0071) has much lower AOD and therefore better UVI values.

Blacklist changes

real dateexpdatedescription of change
201703022017030212De-activation of MET7 AMVs and CSR
201703072017030712De-activation of MOPPIT CO before decontamination and hot calibration of the instrument
201703092017030912De-activation of ATMS
201704192017041912Re-activation of MOPPIT CO
201705312017053112De-activated MetOp-A AMSU-A channel 5 after noise increase
201706212017062112Re-activation of MetOp-A AMSU-A channel 5
201707242017012412Created black_ds_macc_nrt_43r1 from operational blacklist. Blacklist directory /home/rd/ecgems/data/43r1/an/