Provides MARS with a hint about the use of the retrieved data.


If use = infrequent, the MARS system will not keep an internal cache copy of the data once it has satisfied your request:


This directive is particularly recommended when retrieving large datasets.


Keyword to further specify a stream or run.


For requirements requesting 00/12 UTC BC data the keyword use has been introduced to distinguish between standard dissemination for stream DA and data for the Boundary Condition Project. If BC requirements are mixed with other data streams users will have to remember to set key word USE=OFF.

The use keyword is also used to choose between daily and monthly ENS products.

bcRequesting high frequency products. Only valid for stream=oper/enfo.
mondayENS-Extended products produced and disseminated on Mondays
thursdayENS-Extended products produced and disseminated on Thursday

To override this keyword provided by inheritance