Used for seasonal forecast related products

method = <value>

For a given system or experiment, specifies how the analyses and forecasts were produced. In Seasonal Forecast system 2, method=0 denotes the case when no ocean data assimilation was used to prepare ocean initial conditions; method=1 is the standard case of data assimilation. From Seasonal Forecast System 3, for the standard forecasts (up to month 7), request method=1. For the longer range forecasts (out to month 13), request method=3 (the first 7 months of METHOD=3 data for each extended integration is a simple copy of the corresponding METHOD=1 data).

Example to specify 2 metre temperature from the multi-model seasonal forecast system 5:

retrieve,                             # specify sea surface temperature for some steps
class  = od,                          # beyond the standard 7 months
date   = 2018-11-01,
expver = 1,
levtype= sfc,
method = 3,
number = 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14,
origin = ecmf,
param  = 34.128,
step   = 5172/5184/5196/5208/5220/5232/5244/5256/5268,
stream = mmsf,

system = 5,

time   = 00,

type   = fc,
target = "output"


Used for seasonal forecast related products

method = <value>

The seasonal forecast is run once a month to 7 months forecast and once a quarter to 13 months.

To distinguish between the 2 methods the key method is used.

1for the monthly 7 months forecast
3for the 13 months forecast (not available on dissemination)

For the Extended


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  1. Helene Blanchonnet if method 3 is not available in dissemination, I suppose this line could be removed. Is method then compulsory?