Step-by-step guide

When defining your text, you can use a special tag grib_info, Magics will then get the information from the grib header and replace the tag by the value read. You can use all the ecCodes keys, and Magics have a special one called valid-date that will compute the valid date for the data, taking into account the base date and the step.

Python Example : configure the title
from Magics.macro import *
#Setting output
output = output(
    output_formats                = ['ps'],
    output_name                   = 'precip',
    output_name_first_page_number = 'off')
#Setting the coastlines
background = mcoast(
    map_coastline_land_shade        = 'on',
    map_coastline_land_shade_colour = 'cream')
#Setting data
grib = mgrib(grib_input_file_name = "path/data.grib")
#Defining the contour
contour = mcont(
#Picking the grib metadata
title = mtext(
    text_lines                     = ["Parameter : <grib_info key='name'/> valid for  <grib_info key='valid-date'/>"],
plot(output, background, grib, data, title)

 To get an idea of the available keys on your grib files, you can use the tool grib_dump of the ecCodes package.

 Here is a short list of keys that we find useful, and are used in the generation of the automatic Magics title


ecCodes keydefinition
centreoriginating centre
namelong name of the parameter
shortNameshort name of the parameter
valid-datevalid date ( computed by Magics)