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Python is a very popular tool widely used at ECMWF and elsewhere. If you do not use it, you can ignore this message.

As you may know, the official support for Python 2 ends this year. Since Python 3 is not backwards-compatible, steps must be taken to migrate to this new major version. With the lack of official support, we may not be able to install Python 2 on future platforms. Keeping it up-to-date on the existing is also proving increasingly difficult, since many extra modules have dropped their support for Python 2 already. Note that this is not something affecting ECMWF only. If you run Python workloads elsewhere, you will face the same issues.

At ECMWF we have been preparing in order to ensure a smooth transition. Python 3 has been available on all our systems for some time, and it comes with nearly all the extra modules present in our Python 2 installations. This includes interfaces to all our in-house packages and libraries such as ecCodes, Magics or ecFlow. Metview's Python interface has been always only available in Python 3.

We would like to encourage everyone still using Python 2 to take action and start the migration as soon as possible. There are tools that can help you in this task, by doing most of the code changes for you. Please have a look at the Migration to Python 3 wiki page for some advise on how to do this.

Please do not hesitate to contact for any questions or concerns.

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