Specifies how to apply land-sea mask processing.


By default land-sea mask processing is not applied to any parameter. However, even though not recommended, land-sea mask processing can be requested for generation of points in the target grid. The idea is to use the land-sea mask of both source and target grids to modify the effect of the input points on the target value being generated for those input points having a different land-sea nature to that of the target grid point. For example, if a sea point is being generated in the target grid from four neighbouring points in the source grid, three of which are sea points (i.e., with land-sea mask values less than 0.5) and one of which is a land point (with land-sea mask value greater than 0.5), then the weight of the input grid land point in the interpolation will be reduced so that it contributes less to the final target value.

The land-sea mask applied is based on a 1 km resolution field. The weight adjustment factor applied is 0.2. If the nearest neighbour interpolation method is used, land-sea mask processing is not applied.


...      # Switch land-sea mask processing on for 
lsm=ON   # the current retrieve
lsm=OFF, # Switch land-sea mask processing off for
...      # the following retrieve


Not supported