GRIBEX is one of the packages that will not be migrated to Bologna - New Data Centre. Please migrate to ecCodes.

GRIBEX, our old GRIB edition 1 decoder/encoder, has been discontinued for years, as it was replaced by GRIB API and then superseded by ecCodes. However, we are aware that it may still be used by some of our users. As part of the retirement of EMOSLIB process, access to the current location of the GRIBEX tables is to be closed. When this happens, any existing program or tool using EMOSLIB for the GRIB decoding/encoding will stop working. This should raise awareness of the places in your workflow that need your attention before our migration to the new data centre.


The session is scheduled for Wednesday 29 January 2020 at 10:45 UTC


The platforms affected are:

  • All clusters in our High Performance Computing Facility, mainly CCA and CCB
  • Linux Clusters
  • Linux Desktops

Actions to take

If you are currently using an old version of emoslib for the GRIB decoding, you will need to migrate those to ecCodes as soon as possible. As a starting point please check here.

However, to temporarily continue working with the existing executables, libraries and tools as they are, you may load the emos_gribex_tables module before running them. This will make the GRIBEX tables available.

module load emos_gribex_tables

The  emos_gribex_tables is a compatibility module that will not be ported to future platforms. You should migrate to ecCodes as soon as possible

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