The CAMS NRT research e-suite for CY46R1_CAMS (experiment h5ps, class rd) was started on 2019-07-037 for the analysis cycle 2018120100. This e-suite  runs at T511L137. 

The corresponding forecast-only "control run" is h7c4, with a variant using climatological aerosol and ozone in radiation, hbb3). These both switch to following the production e-suite instead (0073 under class mc) from 2019-02-01.

Changes introduced during production affecting the quality of the products

real dateexp datedescription of change
201907032018120100Start of e-suite, using CY46R1.20190326, initialised from CAMS o-suite with new nitrate and ammonium species starting from zero

2018121700Updated to use multi-year anthropogenic SOA emissions

2018122300Reverted to QUANTIFY aviation-NOx emissions due to issues with CAMS_GLOB_AIR

2019012100Updated to use 2D GPSRO operator, same as NWP

2019032300Updated to use corrected CAMS_GLOB_AIR aviation-NOx emissions

2019050100Activated LCHEM_DIAF chemistry flux diagnostics

2019051500Applied bug fix to allow GFAS to use previous day's emissions in NRT — now running in NRT

2019061800For 2019061800 cycle, set failed prereo3_superob complete due to bad TROPOMI CO BUFR file

2019062100For 2019062100–2019062400, use OSTIA SST from OD rather than MC (which is missing)

2019062500Fixed monitoring of S5P HCHO which was broken

2019070200Rebuild with CY46R1.20190701 bundle (including update to super-ob S5P separately for clear and cloudy data, and use OMPS as anchor for O3) and implement optimisations to ifstsave

2019070212update MOPITT CO from V7 to V8