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Please note that ECMWF develops software for its own mission and has only very limited application support resources. ECMWF has agreed the following software support principles:

  • All ECMWF software is provided “as-is” and ECMWF cannot guarantee any specific support.
  • ECMWF will endeavour to provide sufficient documentation so that users can make use of the software.
  • ECMWF will schedule training courses for selected software and make the training material freely available.
  • ECMWF will endeavour to fix any reported bug that affects the correct use of the software.
  • ECMWF will process support requests only if resources are available to do so.
  • ECMWF will prioritise support requests as follows:
    1. Requests originating from the National Met Services of Member and Co-operating States
    2. Issues related to using the software to process ECMWF products
  • ECMWF will consider requests for new features and assess their benefit in the context of its mission.

For each software package available on this software support portal, ECMWF will:

  • Provide well-maintained web pages, including documentation, tutorials and software releases in source and binary form;
  • Provide dedicated first-level application support, guaranteeing a reasonable response time for the initial processing of the reported issue;
  • Ensure that bug reports are answered and users provided with feedback;
  • Provide comprehensive reference documentation detailing all function calls, configuration parameters, etc.
  • Provide tutorial documentation to help users learn how to use the software package;
  • Organise annual training courses and workshops at ECMWF, open to users of Member and Co‑operating States;
  • Provide binary packages for most supported platforms;
  • Set-up and maintain moderated forums and/or mailing lists to discuss the software and its use;
  • Evaluate code contributions with the view of possible integration in the software package if the contribution is accepted and the ECMWF Contributor Agreement signed;
  • Provide reasonable-effort installation support with higher priority for Member and Co-operating States;
  • Consider requests for new features and notify users of relevant decisions.
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