The CAMS analysis o-suite in Atos (experiment hues running at tco399, L137) is a continuation of analysis osuite (experiment hlkx) running on the Cray. Switchover between Atos and Cray experiments on 24 October 2022. Main features are:

  • IFS cycle 47R3 (suite running from Atos). 
  • IASI CH4 and CO2 assimilation (extended to extratropical latitudes; to avoid assimilation over antarctica, data is blacklisted south of 60S). For CO2, from 202201016, only data between 30S and 30N are considered 
  • New  CAMS-GLOB-ANTv5.1 anthropogenic CO2 and CH4 emissions (monthly mean files) based on EDGARv5. 
  • Roedenbeck et al. (2013) CO2 air-sea monthly fluxes for 2019 (Jena-CarboScope v2020 based on SOCAT data).
  • GFAS v1.4 biomass burning emissions.
  • CO2 and CH4 initial conditions from hlkx (15 September 2022).
  • Long 5-day forecast is run at single precision as the operational NWP and CAMS air quality forecast.

Satellite data usage for atmospheric composition

Assimilated:GOSAT XCO2, IASI XCO2
Assimilated:GOSAT XCH4, IASI XCH4

Changes introduced during production affecting the quality of the products

 real dateexp datedescription of change

Change in fetchobs to use new version of emissions. Note the experiment started on 15 September from hlkx but used the old version of the observations. So there will be inconsistencies on the version of observations used between hlkx and heus during period 2022-09-15 to 2022-10-14. 

Flux updates

real dateexp datedescription of change
2022121520230101Change version of CAMS-GLOB-ANT anthropogenic emission version for CO2 and CH4 in 2023 from v5.1 to v5.3, as there was no emission upgrade for 2023 in v5.1 and the two versions are very similar. Both are based on EDGARv5. The main difference between the two version is change of seasonal cycle for agriculture sector in CH4.
202312132024-01-01CAMS-GLOB-ANT v5.3 anthropogenic CH4 emissions from 2023 are used in January 2024. Note that the difference in the budgets between 2023 (377.14 TgCH4)  and 2024 (378.31 TgCH4) is very small and CY47R3 will be superseded by CY48R1 early 2024.

Changes in GHG observations

real dateexp datedescription of change
  • GOSAT (XCO2) BESD algorithm changes to FOCAL v3.0
  • GOSAT (XCH4) proxy-CO2/SRPR algorithm changes to Full Physics
  • IASI  Metop-B (MT-XCO2) version 4.0 changes to version 10.1
  • IASI  Metop-B (MT-XCH4) version 8.1 changes to version 10.1
2023-04-112023-08-23For IASI, Metop-B and Metop-C retrievals (MT-CO2 and MT-CH4) are assimilated. Both products are in version v10.1
2023-08-24-For IASI, only Metop-C retrievals (MT-CO2 and MT-CH4) are assimilated. A drift in Metop-B products has been experienced. 

Changes introduced during e-suite phase

real dateexp datedescription of change