Unfortunately we can offer very limited support for this platform.

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Please see ECMWF software under Windows

There is a Visual Studio solution file in the "windows/msvc" directory which can be used to build a static library and some of the tools. Note there is no support for Fortran or Python.

Note: In order to use the tools one has to define global environment variables which point to the locations of the definitions and sample files. These being:



For example:


Note if you need to specify multiple directories for the above, you need to specify the directory separator as a semi-colon (";") rather than a colon (":").
This follows the Windows convention (e.g. PATH environment variable).

Compiling ecCodes with jasPer

Jasper distribution package version 1.900.1 (jasper-1.900.1.tar.gz) provides its own VC++ projects in jasper-1.900.1\src\msvc -directory.  They are for the Visual C++ 6 version (1998), but they are converted automatically if opened with later VC++ versions. They don't have 64-bit projects so you have to make them by yourself. Its really easy, if you have done that before, there is nothing special in project settings or in Jasper code. For convenience, here is jasper-1.900.1.zip prepared for VC++ 2008.

In order to use Jasper with grib_api_lib and in applications you have to define following in each VC++ project Property Pages - Configuration Properties - C/C++ - Preprocessor - Preprocessor Definitions:


Then you have to make dependencies between Jasper and applications so that VC++ can link Jasper libs with the application. Depending on VC++ version use Project Dependencies (other VC++ versions) or Reference (VC++ 2012 only)