With the need to consolidate its data-provision infrastructure, ECMWF will decommission the Public Datasets Service.

On 1 June 2023 the Public Datasets Service, including access via the Web API client, except for S2S and TIGGE, will stop and the datasets listed below will no longer be available via this service. 

Global Reanalysis datasets:

Regional reanalysis:

Atmospheric composition:

Observation feedback:


If you still need to access any of the datasets listed above via the Public Datasets Service, please do so before 1 June 2023. For alternative ways of accessing the data and more up-to-date datasets, please see Decommissioning of ECMWF Public Dataset Service and "watch" the page to get notified of further updates. For any questions, please contact us via the ECMWF Support Portal

Thank you for using our services and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.v

ERA5 access migrated to the Climate Data Store (CDS)

From 5 March 2019, the access to the ERA5 dataset has migrated from the Web API the Climate Data Store (CDS).

This article will help users with the migration:

IMPORTANT New interpolation software: MIR

The Web API uses MARS to transform and interpolate the input fields to the user requested grid.

From 29 January 2019 10AM (UTC) MARS uses the interpolation provided by the MIR library.

For more information see:

Please report any issue you may have with the retrieved data to

The following 2 new Monthly sub-datasets have been added under the "CERA-SAT" dataset

If you are downloading ERA5 or C3S Seasonal data through the ECMWF public datasets,  please migrate to the Climate Data Store.

This change will be implemented on  

If you are using either Access ECMWF Public Datasets or Access MARS to get ECMWF data, from  onward the system will fail if the number of expected fields is different than the number of retrieved fields. More information here:


The following new models have been added on UERRA dataset:


To improve the service ECMWF implemented the following limits:

  1. daily datasets: one month per request
  2. monthly datasets: one year per request
 Web interface linkAt the moment this dataset is only available via the Web-API (ie the programmatic way)

See more on Web API Downloads