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We have seen so far that ecflow_server is looking for the files it needs in specific locations.
You can control the location of your files by using the following variable‘s
  • ECF_INCLUDE Is where ecflow_server will look for include files.
  • ECF_FILES Is where ecflow_server will look for the ecf script s if they are not at their default location.
  • ECF_OUT Is where the job output files will go.
If two tasks use the same ecf script, and are simply using different values of the same variable‘s,
you do not want to maintain several copies of the same file.
You can use the same script in multiple places within your suite and using the same name
by keeping the script in a common directory and pointing to this location using the variable ECF_FILES.
Many users use just one directory for their scripts and point to this directory with ECF_FILES.

If the tasks have different names, you can use the Unix command ln -s to create several names for the same file.

What to do

  1. Try to imagine how we could use ECF_FILES and ln to reduce the number of scripts in our example suite