The European Weather Cloud is in the pilot phase, access to its resources may be limited. Please see the Terms and Conditions

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The aim of the workshop is to introduce the features of the joint ECMWF and EUMETSAT cloud computing systems, to provide an overview of the existing projects already using these systems and to facilitate a dialogue on the future use of the European Weather Cloud by MS-NMHSs in their official duty capacity. Access to this particular workshop is by invitation only. Post Meeting Update: Presentations are now available: EWC_Presentations_27_May_2020.…
After months of preparation and hard work, the European Weather Cloud is finally taking shape. Our goal, to bring your computing resources close to where the data is produced. We are still in the pilot phase, so only a selected group of use cases collected in 2019 are being prepared to be on-boarded. In the coming months, individual use cases will be on-boarded gradually, so we can: Ensure a smooth implementation. Iteratively improve the system with the feedback received.…

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