Latest News - 18 October  2022: New home for the opencharts :

We have migrated our opencharts application to our new data centre in Bologna. 

 25 January  2022 : Jupyter notebooks available

We are providing Jupiter Notebooks for some of our plots: you can identify them with the Jupiter logo. 

They explain how you can get the data, which process we apply to them and how we visualise them.

25 January  2022: Precipitation type available

A new location based product is available: The precipitation type probability meteogram from any where on a map or on the location you prefer 

November 2021 : A new charset

A new feature, the ChartSet,  allows you to create a set of charts: once created you can visualise them together and change the common dimensions in one single selection. 

To get the best experience of this new feature, we have grouped the products sharing the same dimensions together. For example, you can choose  to combine  products from all the ones marked as Latest forecast.

But, let's have a tour : 

Change in the overview :

We have slightly changed the layout of the overview to align it to the Chartset layout.

Here is what we changed:

September 2021 : API is now available 

  • An API to automatically download products using standard tools such as curl or requests in Python: we welcome your feedback.