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Latest News:

  • Products can now be downloaded in PDF.

The new openchart application was launched in October 2020 

The application is quite similar to the old one, the new thing is the ability to share on social media.

On the forecast, you can click anywhere to access the ENSgrams products on that point. 

The next steps are to phase out the old catalogue, and we recommend users start using the new catalogue pages.  You have plenty of time to send us your feedback and report any missing functionality.

The ENSgrams products and in addition the vertical profiles have been integrated into the new catalogue and will replace the old ENSgrams application.

They can easily be accessed here.

New Functionalities coming very soon in the opencharts :

An API to access the products is under construction and will be soon available.

A comparison tool for different products is so under development.

An overview of the forecast will soon be available. 

Watch this space for the latest news.

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  1. Hi! I miss the permalink option in this new catalog. It's extremly usefull and widely use.

    1. Hi Marcos Gomez-Molina,

      Thanks for your feedback, we are working on this, and should be available very soon.

  2. Bon jour Sylvie! Is there any news concerning the permalink option in the new catalog? Merci!