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Welcome to the Forecast User Portal!

These pages have been developed to help forecast users to make best use of ECMWF products and to provide a forum for more direct feedback and discussion of forecast performance. You will find information on some known limitations of the forecasting system, as well as the evaluation of a number of severe or extreme weather events.  

Your feedback is very helpful in evaluating the performance of ECMWF forecasting system. Some of the severe weather cases already include substantial input from users, and there is the opportunity for you to provide additional information using the comment button at the bottom of each page. If you have similar information, perhaps already a brief report, about ECMWF forecast performance for a severe weather event that you are willing to share with us, please let us know by email. You can also provide feedback, ask questions and join conversations on topics related to weather and forecasting on the Forecast User Forum - a discussion platform for users of ECMWF's forecasts to interact with other users and ECMWF experts. 

These pages complement the standard performance evaluation information provided on the ECMWF web site.



For any general feedback on forecast performance please email us.

Contact email address:

(please use subject "Feedback on forecast performance)

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