What is OpenIFS

OpenIFS is both an ECMWF project and a model. The OpenIFS project at ECMWF encourages research and teaching in numerical weather prediction, from medium range to seasonal timescales.

An easy-to-use version of the ECMWF global IFS (Integrated Forecasting System), the OpenIFS model, is available to academic and research institutions.

The OpenIFS model provides the same forecast capability as IFS but without the data assimilation system. Supporting software and documentation is also provided.

OpenIFS has a support team at ECMWF for technical assistance but limited resources for detailed scientific assistance.

About OpenIFS provides more information.

The OpenIFS model and accompanying software is intended for use on computers external to ECMWF, though member state users with time on ECMWF computers can use ECMWF systems.

Access to OpenIFS

OpenIFS is not open-source despite the name. Its use requires a free OpenIFS license from ECMWF.

Licenses are perpetual and provided as a site license to cover staff and students at an institute on a single license. Personal licenses are not provided.

More information about requesting a license and details about the license is provided on the following links:

Once a license is granted, access is provided to the source code and accompanying files and tools.

Getting started with OpenIFS 48r1

The following link provides details about how to install and test OpenIFS 48r1, software prerequisites, running a forecast experiment and setting up and running the Single Column Model (SCM)

Getting started with OpenIFS 43r3

The following links provide details about install and test OpenIFS 43r3:

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