OpenIFS programme

ECMWF OpenIFS is a scientific outreach programme that provides an portable version of the IFS in use at ECMWF for operational weather forecasting. OpenIFS aims to develop and promote research, teaching and training on numerical weather prediction (NWP) and NWP-related topics with academic and research institutions.

Use of OpenIFS on topics of interest to the Centre and member states is encouraged. Research topics at ECMWF are described in more detail on the main ECMWF site. Enquiries regarding potential collaborations are welcome.

OpenIFS provides the same forecast capability of IFS (with the IFS data assimilation), stays close to operational versions and supports operational configurations.

For more details see how OpenIFS compares with IFS.

OpenIFS is supported by a small team at ECMWF for technical & scientific assistance, however, there are limited resources for detailed scientific help.

The OpenIFS model 'package' includes not just the model itself but acceptability tests for compilers/hardware, example case studies, plotting & analysis tools and so on. The model is intended for research and educational use by universities, research organisations and individual researchers on their own computer systems. It is not permitted to use OpenIFS for real-time forecasting.

Documentation, install instructions, frequently asked questions and other help information can all be found on this website. User forums are also available. Support is provided for a range of hardware platforms and compilers.

Please note that OpenIFS is licensed software and not open-source nor in the public domain. Licenses are free of charge and usually granted as site licenses to cover staff and students at an institute, rather than a personal license.

About IFS at ECMWF

The ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System (IFS) is ECMWF's modelling and data assimilation computer program for global numerical weather prediction (NWP). IFS is a collaborative effort that started between ECMWF and Meteo-France, and today involves many ECMWF member-states and associated consortia of the national meteorological services.

Further information

Further information about OpenIFS, IFS and ECMWF can be found on this website and on the main ECMWF website.

Questions and queries about OpenIFS can be addressed to :