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Please note, we do not provide OpenIFS versions for each IFS operational cycle. IFS operational cycles are updated typically once or twice a year. OpenIFS versions are released less frequently and typically linked to significant scientific enhancements of IFS.

OpenIFS version numbering

OpenIFS version numbers are of the form: 4XrYvZ.

e.g. '43' means OpenIFS is based on operational IFS model 'cycle' 43. 'r3' refers to the IFS model release 3 of cycle 43. The 'v1' refers solely to OpenIFS and is the version of OpenIFS based on that IFS cycle and release.

ECMWF and Meteo-France jointly develop the IFS model. A new cycle is formed when the two centres merge their code changes. A model release is specific to ECMWF (the 'R' actually represents 'Reading,UK').

The version number is specific to OpenIFS. As OpenIFS model versions have a much longer lifetime than IFS versions, OpenIFS is periodically updated with: technical changes for new compiler versions, new hardware, bugfixes from more recent IFS releases, new functionality and so on.

Changes to the version number will not normally alter the model's results. Only changes to the cycle and release number will significantly alter the scientific results from the model.

Cycle 43r3

OpenIFS 43r3 is based on IFS 43r3 which was operational from July 2017 to June 2018. Users are encouraged to upgrade to this version as OpenIFS 40r1 is no longer being developed.

The OpenIFS single column model 43r3 is available from the OpenIFS ftp site for download for licensed users. A release of the OpenIFS forecast model will be available later in 2019.

For a detailed description of this cycle, please see: IFS cycle 43r3 description.

Cycle 40r1

OpenIFS is based on IFS 40r1 which was operational from Nov 2013 to May 2015. The OpenIFS cycle 40r1 model and the single column model (SCM) at cycle 40r1 are available from the OpenIFS ftp site for download. The Offline Surface Model is available upon request to licensed users, contact openifs-support@ecmwf.int

For a detailed description of this cycle, please see: Cycle 40r1 description. OpenIFS cycle 40r1 is no longer being developed. The final release was 40r1v2.

Cycle 38r1

OpenIFS 38r1 is no longer supported. Please upgrade to OpenIFS 40r1.

This is the first version of the OpenIFS models, released in 2012. The OpenIFS model is based on IFS cycle 38r1 but does not include the data assimilation nor the wave model. IFS CY38R1 was operational from June 2012 to June 2013.

For a detailed description of this cycle, please see: Cycle 38r1 description.

Licensed users can obtain the 38r1 models from the OpenIFS ftp site, please see OpenIFS User Guides for more details.

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