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  • OpenIFS User Guides: please see the user guide for instructions on how to install and run OpenIFS.
  • How-to articles: find out how to do a number of things such as altering the code, changing model output, visualizing the output, debugging and so on.
  • Known issues: lists various known problems and their resolution.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • User Forums. You can search the User Forums for answers or ask a message or question.

IFS scientific & technical documents

ECMWF has many publications online, including user manuals, tutorials, seminar proceedings, technical reports and the newsletter, amongst other documents.
The full list of ECMWF publications can be found at:

A more general complete description of the ECMWF Integrated Forecast System (IFS) can be found in the ECMWF Forecast User Guide.

Scientific & technical documentation

IFS manuals for all model cycles

IFS manuals are available here.

The manuals on 'Dynamics & Numerical Procedures', 'Physical Processes' and 'Technical & Computational Procedures' are the ones most appropriate for OpenIFS.

Additional ECMWF documentation


Manuals provided by GmapDoc website (MeteoFrance)

FULLPOS 'In-model' post-processing

Cycle 43r3

Cycle 38r1/40r1

DDH 'In-model' budgets on user-defined domains

Code standards for OpenIFS

Code in OpenIFS should be written to follow the conventions in use at ECMWF.
Please follow this link to the document maintained by MeteoFrance:

Tutorials and documentation for other software


ECMWF provide a number of tutorials useful for learning about aspects of OpenIFS related software. Please see Publications on main ECMWF website and follow links or follow specific links below.

Software tools

e-Learning resources

ECMWF produce online, freely available, e-Learning courses on a range of topics.

Please visit the ECMWF e-Learning portal for the full list.  Courses include for example:

  • Parametrization of diabatic processes.
  • Parametrization of sub-grid processes.
  • Ensemble forecasting.

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Related documents

ALADIN IFS training workshop (some technical presentations relevant to OpenIFS)

Basics on Arpege/IFS 43r3 (from Meteo-France, some is relevant for OpenIFS 43r3)

Other IFS based models


HIRLAM consortium

Arpege-ALADIN-AROME (MeteoFrance)