The course is suitable for those who have a genuine interest in ECMWF forecasting products and want to exploit fully the potential of these products in their daily duties, whether they are producing forecast bulletins or taking decisions that are affected by weather phenomena.

The course is a mixture of standard classroom lectures and practical activities where real weather cases are analysed in details and attendees are expected to report on at the end of the training week. Networking among the attendees is encouraged by allocating time for the participants to present their work and share their previous experience with ECMWF products.

The aim of the course is to provide the students with background knowledge to help them to make an informed use of ECMWF NWP products and to introduce students to novel products

At the end of the course, the participants will be able:

  • to master to use of ensemble forecasts
  • to understand potentials and weaknesses of NWP products
  • to use novel forecast products
  • to use ECMWF products for forecast guidance
  • to make use of ECMWF products in decision making

The course is assessed by means of an online survey which allows the participants to include their feedback and suggestions for improvements. The learning outcomes are assessed separately using a self-evaluation method.

Pre-course programme

All pre-course activities are on the Learning Portal (

Please note that these activities are integral part of the course and by completing them you will be able to get the most benefit out of the training week. The pre-course learning and activities will take around 12 hours to complete.


The programme for the course is available on the Learning Portal ( The February 2021 course will be fully virtual and held via Zoom. All details can be found in the Learning Portal.

Virtual Laboratory Groups

During the Virtual Laboratory work attendees will be split into groups. The Breakout Groups function in Zoom will be utilised with participants encouraged to share screens and docments to complete the work.

We have created a Confluence page for each Group to facilitate the sharing of information / images / documents etc however please feel free to use other methods of sharing if you prefer.

Workspace for Group 1 - Fernando

Workspace for Group 2 - Linus

Workspace for Group 3 - Mohamed

Workspace for Group 4 - Ivan

Workspace for Group 5 - Tim

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