Developed scripts and utilities compose the shared know-how of the ISSI-BJ Team. These include EO-dataset extractions and handling, visualisation and data-analysis.

An example of use of in-situ station combined with a model simulation to give a model-data fusion output is presented for SNOW_DEPTH. This is based on a Optimum Interpolation method as published in De Rosnay et al. (2014, Survey in Geophysics, an ISSI curated publication) and extracted from the methodology used in the ECMWF-LDAS.

Forcing extraction script to copy locally a 3-hourly global meterological forcing from EartH2Observe project is reported below.


For subsetting the HTP domain (latmin,latmax,lonmin,lonmax)=(25N,45N,60E,110E) a dedicated script is provided:


The ECMWF Offline Surface Model User Guide provide information on the model used to generate the gridded snow field.