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Comment: Harmonised MARS credential setup with other clients: using ~/.ecmwfapirc


  1. In your web browser...
    1. Go to
    2. Log in with your ECMWF user and password if you are not logged int already
    3. Copy your API key

     In a terminal (ssh or console) session on your new VM, run the following command to install your credentials on your account in this VM:

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    mars --token <yourkey> --email <youremail>

    Example: if your API key is da7y37f1d5c7494662e36df034bn6323 and your email is :

    No Formatmars --token da7y37f1d5c7494662e36df034bn6323 --email
    1. the contents of .ecmwfapirc, containing your email address and key.
  2. In your VM, create a file in your home directory called ~/.ecmwfapirc and paste the contents previously copied from the web.

Test your setup


You may only access data you have been granted access to. In some cases you may not be able to retrieve valid forecast data.