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  1. Create the configuration file if it does not exist:

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    touch ~/.s3cfg

  2. Edit the file and set up at least the following parameters.


    • ECMWF CCI1 endpoint: host_base = 
    • ECMWF CCI2 endpoint: host_base = object-store.os-api.cci2.ecmwf.


    • int 

EUMETSAT endpoint: host_base =

  1. Fill in the <youraccesskey> and <yoursecretkey> that will be given to you by the provider

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    host_base = <EUM or ECMWF endpoint>
    host_bucket = 
    access_key = <youraccesskey>
    secret_key = <yoursecretkey>
    use_https = True
    # Needed for EUMETSAT, as the provider currently supplies a "CloudFerro" SSL certificate. Skip if ECMWF.
    check_ssl_certificate = False