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This page describes the process for users with access to the Product Requirements Editor to be ready for the implementation of 48r1. 

Please read the information below and contact us via the ECMWF Support Portal if you require further assistance. 


Test PREd is available at 

The Test PREd uses the same username/password as the production PREd. If you have difficulties logging in, please raise a ticket in the ECMWF Support Portal

Key points

  • All streams for ENS-Extended (e.g. enfo) have been moved to the new stream (e.g. eefo), in line with the changes highlighted in the general cycle documentation: Implementation of IFS Cycle 48r1
  • Where errors have occurred as a result of the automated changes, ECMWF has made changes to prevent errors:
    • Where use=monday/thursday has been installed AND the grid is less than or equal to 0.4 degrees, the grid has been changed to 0.4/0.4 (i.e. requirements installed at 0.25 have been increased to 0.4).
    • Where use=monday/thursday has been installed AND the step increment is < 6-hourly (e.g. 0/to/144/by/3), the stream remains as 'enfo' but the use=monday/thursday will be removed. 
  • Note that changes for 48r1 may result in a change to the file-naming convention and dissemination schedule. ECMWF will provide more details as the release candidate phase progresses. 


Changes made in the production system will also need to be made in the test system until the date of implementation, taking into account adjustments in stream names for 48r1.  


Please do not use expver=0001 as this will not validate. 


The snippets have not been updated for the new streams. These will be updated in the coming weeks.

'Ready to migrate' feature

Due to the changes with 48r1, all users will need to test their data and ensure they are ready for the implementation date. 

ECMWF has implemented a temporary feature called 'Ready to migrate' on each feed (see figure below). Once you have tested data and are happy with the new configuration, please change the toggle for 'Ready to migrate' from OFF to ON. On the day of implementation, this will become operational. 

Useful Information:

Test Product Requirements Editor (TPREd): 


48r1 Cycle Implementation Documentation: Implementation of IFS Cycle 48r1