Dear Colleagues,

ECMWF is preparing for the forthcoming implementation of the 45r1
version of the integrated forecasting system (IFS).

IFS Cycle 45r1 is an upgrade with many scientific contributions,
including changes in data assimilation, in the use of observations, and 
in modelling, e.g. the coupling of the ocean and atmospheric models in 
HRES. New lightning and CAPE fields are also available with this new cycle.

The new cycle does not contain changes of resolutions.

The implementation is planned for 5 June 2018.

A dedicated information web page for this change has been prepared and
is available at:

May we encourage you to "watch" the above web page to obtain
notification of further updates.

A mailing list has also been created to inform interested parties about
operational changes taking place at ECMWF.

To subscribe to or unsubscribe, please send an email to: <>

with the word subscribe or unsubscribe as Subject.

Best regards

Dr. Alfred Hofstadler
Acting Director of Forecasts
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