ECMWF's new Data Centre will be located in Bologna, Italy, by 2019.

We are glad to announce a new dedicated wiki page containing user information on the migration of
ECMWF's services to Bologna:

May we encourage you to "watch" the above web page to obtain notification of further updates on the Computer users services in

We have also created a mailing list to keep you informed about the relocation in Bologna. To subscribe to or unsubscribe from this
list, please send an email to bologna-data-centre-users-request at with the word subscribe or unsubscribe as Subject.

Many of the systems and services currently available in Reading will be moved to Bologna. We have agreed to decommission a number of
older software packages with the relocation to Bologna. The two main software packages not ported to Bologna will be SMS and
EMOSLIB. We have started advertising MIR, in replacement of EMOSLIB and will contact SMS users about the migration to ecflow. See
the above link for more details on the services to be decommissioned.

If you have any queries about the migration of ECMWF's services to Bologna, please do contact our Service Desk at servicedesk @

Best regards,
Dominique Lucas, for User Support
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