ECMWF is now actively planning the implementation of the new cycle 46r1 version of the integrated forecasting system (IFS).

IFS cycle 46r1 is an upgrade with contributions from many of our scientific streams, including major changes in data assimilation, in the use of observations, and in modelling. Major changes in IFS cycle 46r1 are the introduction of the continuous Data Assimilation scheme and the upgrade to a 50 members Ensemble Data Assimilation system. The new cycle does not contain changes of resolutions.

The implementation of cycle 46r1 is planned for early June 2019.

A dedicated information page for this change is available at

Please note that we are planning two live-streamed seminars, the first one describing the scientific changes in the new cycle and the second one to cover its meteorological impact. Details are available at the above link.

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