ECMWF is updating the default versions of its software packages and libraries used across on Atos HPCF and ECS as part of the regular update cycle.


The changes will take place on Wednesday 22 November 2023 09:00 UTC

Do I need to do anything?

We strongly recommend you test that your programs, scripts and suites work with the new versions of any software or library affected before the change happens.

Table of contents


There have been a number of bug fixes and improvements on our ECMWF software and libraries since our last default change in May 2023. See the blog posts for all the software releases since then to learn about what is new in ecCodes, Magics or Metview.

How to use the new versions for testing BEFORE the update

Users are strongly encouraged to test their software applications and data processing chain with the new versions of the various software packages before the date of the change to the default versions.

The new versions of the software packages can be selected by using the nov23 tag in modules. For example:

module load ecmwf-toolbox/nov23

How to revert to the old versions in case of problems AFTER the update

Users that experience problems with the new default software packages after the update will be able to revert to the old default versions. These can be selected with the commands:

module load ecmwf-toolbox/old

Please let ECMWF know if you need to revert to the old version of any of the packages after the update of the defaults has taken place. 

Change list

The new version of the ECMWF Toolbox (ecmwf-toolbox module) is 2023.10.1.0, replacing 2023.04.1.0. This table summarises the changes in the version of the different packages within the bundle:

Besides ecmwf-toolbox, the following ECMWF packages with their corresponding module also see their default changed:

Please see the Release notes for full details of the changes implemented in each package.

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