Blog from November, 2023

HTC Batch processing

Dear EWC users!

HTC batch processing service is now available on EUM side of EWC. It is currently in beta testing. This service is available as best effort for testing. Be aware when trying this service.

You can find the description of the service here: EUMETSAT - HTC batch processing

It's based on HTCondor. Users can deploy execute nodes and submit nodes in their tenancies and join a common pool of resources. There is a simple example to start with, to customize your processing scripts. All workloads run as containers. The example also show how to create a container that you can submit to HTCondor.

Kind regards,

EWC Team

EWC Rocketchat update

Dear all,

Tomorrow 07.11.2023 we plan to update EWC Rocketchat starting from 10:00 AM CET. The process should take around 1h.

During the maintenance period, rocketchat could be not accessible or not available.

This maintenance is aiming to improve the performance of rocketchat, bring new features and security updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

EWC team

Start: 23/04/2024 09:00
End: 28/04/2024 09:00

The European Weather Cloud (EWC) teams at ECMWF and EUMETSAT are pleased to invite you to two upcoming EWC introductory webinars in November. 

These webinars are aimed at new or prospective users of the EWC service, which is available to ECMWF and EUMETSAT Member and Co-operating States. Focusing on the basics to get you started, these webinars will show you around our cloud portal Morpheus, which should give you a taste of the features available and how to carry out the main operations, including deployment of instances, using the object store, and simple automation.

The two introductory webinars will be similar in content but each of them will focus on a particular side of the EWC - either ECMWF or EUMETSAT - and cover information specific to each host.

If that sounds interesting to you, you may register to one of the two 1-hour webinars based on your focus:

You will find the registration form in the left-hand side menu of the pages above. We will alert you of your acceptance to the webinar and send you all the joining information and Microsoft Teams meeting details in due course.

Please note that these webinars are open to anyone from an ECMWF or EUMETSAT Member and Co-operating State, and will be conducted in English.