Morpheus shows health problems with the instances, as if they were down, but they are actually up and you are able to connect to them with no issues.


There are two possible solutions to the problem:

Restarting the agent

Connect to the instance and restart the agent as a super user

sudo morpheus-node-ctl restart morphd

Upgrade the morpheus agent

Alternatively, you may take this opportunity to update the morpheus agent to its latest version, which will force a clean restart as well.

You can do so by connecting to the instance and using the package manager of the system to update it. For example:

CentOS 7:

sudo yum -y upgrade morpheus-vm-node
sudo morpheus-node-ctl reconfigure


sudo apt-get update morpheus-vm-node
sudo apt-get install -y morpheus-vm-node
sudo morpheus-node-ctl reconfigure

Alternatively, you can use the morpheus command line interface if you have it set up to trigger an update with:

morpheus hosts upgrade-agent <instance_name>