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  • Table shows the centres  providing data to this project together with the latest configuration of their systems.
  • Follow the links in the first column for specific model description.
  • S2S model outputs are stored in MARS on the common 1.5/1.5 regular lat-lon grid as per the data format specification here.
    • the only exception is  BoM (ammc) which has coarser resolution and is stored on its original model grid
    • additional ocean parameters are stored on the 1.0/1.0 regular lat-lon grid
 Status on
Time range
Ens. Size
Rfc length
Rfc frequency
Rfc size


BoM (ammc)d 0-62T47L173*112/weekfixed1981-20136/month3*11144x144 Gaussian lat/lon grid
CMA (babj)d 0-60T266L5642/weekfixed *2004-20182/week4
CNR-ISAC (isac)d 0-320.75x0.56 L5441weeklyfixed1981-2010every 5 days5
CNRM (lfpw)d 0-32





ECCC (cwao)d 0-320.45x0.45 L4021weeklyon the fly1998-2017weekly4 control forecast
ECMWF (ecmf)d 0-46Tco639/319 L91512/weekon the flypast 20 years2/week11
HMCR (rums)d 0-611.1x1.4 L2820weeklyon the fly1985-2010weekly10
JMA (rjtd)d 0-33Tl479/Tl319L10050weeklyfixed**1981-20102/month13
KMA (rksl)d 0-60N216L854dailyon the fly1991-20164/month3
NCEP (kwbc)d 0-44T126L6416dailyfixed1999-2010daily4
UKMO (egrr)d 0-60N216L854dailyon the fly1993-20164/month7

(*) CMA reforecasts are provided "on-the-fly" together with the real-time forecasts since 11.11.2019 (the whole fixed re-forecast period will be completed that way  by the 9th Nov 2020)

(**) new JMA reforecasts will be archived in the first half of 2020

Retrieval efficiency

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