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We can announce that this weeks we released the June versions of the standard ECMWF software packages. This month's release sees with Metview 5.1 and Magics 3.1 the use of ecCodes for BUFR decoding rather than BUFRDC. This eliminates for Magics the dependency on Emoslib. Magics is also now independent of Perl and only requires Python for generating codes. With the change to ecCodes for BUFR decoding, the GRIB and BUFR examiners in Metview were rewritten. There are also performance improvements and fixes in the grib_to_netcdf tool in ecCodes.

Metview added the set of predefined palettes available in Magics (see the example below). For more information on these, please see Predefined palettes in Magics for the list of available palettes.


The new BUFR examiner in Metview, based on ecCodes (left) and new thermodynamic diagram types in Metview (right).

New automatic styling available in Magics and Metview.

Metview is built at ECMWF with all the versions of our libraries listed in the table below, and all are included in the June 2018 Metview Bundle. All these packages use the same build system based on CMake - simplifying and harmonising the installation experience. The versions are available on all ECMWF computer systems as "new" versions. If you encounter any issues please feel free to send feedback to