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For any technical questions related to TIGGE archive at ECMWF contact the support team.

Data providers

Model Organisation Coordination
Production support TIGGE Panel nominee
1BoM (ammc)Bureau of Meteorology, Australia 
  • Mike Naughton
  • Richard Dare
  • Tan Le
2CMA (babj)China Meteorological Administration, Beijing 
  • Jiandong Gong
  • Yuanding Nie

  • Yang Feifei

Yang Feifei
3CPTEC (sbsj)Centre for Weather Forecasting and Climate Studies, Brazil
  • Waldenio Almeida
  • Luis Gustavo de Goncalves
  • mailing list
Alex de A. Fernandes
4ECCC (cwao)Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada
  • Yves Pelletier
  • Peter Houtekamer
  • mailing list
  • Benoit Archambault
  • Sebastien Chouinard
  • Manuel Ferreira
  • Jun Hu

Benoit Archambault
5ECMWF (ecmf)European Centre for  Medium-Range Weather, Reading, UK
  • Manuel fuentes
  • David Richardson
  • mailing list
Richard Mladek
6JMA (rjtd)Japan Meteorological Agency, Tokyo
  • Junichi Ishida
  • Haruki Yamaguchi
  • Masaaki Ikegami
  • Haruki Yamaguchi
  • Masaaki Ikegami
  • Noriyoshi Kadoya
Haruki Yamaguchi
7KMA (rksl)Korea Meteorological Administration, Seoul 
  • Seung-woo Lee
  • Soon-Il Kwon
  • Joohyung Son
  • Juwon Kim
  • Hyun-Cheol Shin
Juwon Kim
8Meteo-France (lfpw)Météo France, Toulouse

  • Philippe Arbogast
  • mailing list
Philippe Arbogast
9MetOffice (egrr)Met Office, Exeter, UK  
  • Warren Tennant
  • Simon Thompson
Simon Thompson
10NCEP (kwbc)

National Centres for Environmental Prediction, Washington, DC, USA

  • Yuejian Zhu

TIGGE contribution managed by NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), Asheville, NC, USA

  • Danny Brinegar
  • Rich Baldwin
  • Dan Swank
Dan Swank
11NCMRWF (dems)

National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting,

  • E. N. Rajagopal
  • Abhijit Sarkar
  • Thanigachalam Arulalan
T. Arulalan

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