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Research articles

Since TIGGE was started in 2006, over 100 scientific articles have been published that are related to TIGGE. We have compiled a list of scientific papers, conference presentations and other reports of research using TIGGE data. We survey the literature every year or so to update the list, but we encourage all researchers using TIGGE data to inform us, so that we can publicise your work more quickly via this website.

How to refer to TIGGE in a paper

TIGGE DOI for scientific papers:

Please use the following acknowledgement to refer to TIGGE:
"This work is based on TIGGE data. TIGGE (The Interactive Grand Global Ensemble) is an initiative of the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP).”

Regarding dataset source, please cite:


In this page we list a variety of external websites that are related to TIGGE:

  • The TIGGE museum, including: verification statistics, forecasts of severe weather, forecasts of the MJO and blocking; sample tools to use TIGGE data.
  • Tropical cyclone forecasting using TIGGE
  • WWRP, THORPEX, and related projects.
  • GEOWOW, GEO and other projects using TIGGE data
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