How can I get verbose output when running tests?

Step-by-step guide

When you run the tests via CMake (which actually runs ctest), you are only told if it passed or failed. After a failure you want to re-run the test and see all of what the test was doing.
For example you run the tests first:

% ctest

Let's assume you see the test "t_bufr_ls" has failed. Now re-run just that test (not everything) with the verbose option:

% ctest -VV -R t_bufr_ls

The -R option runs tests that match the regular expression.
The -VV switch tells ctest not to suppress its output. Another method is to run all the tests with the "--output-on-failure" option of ctest:

% ctest --output-on-failure

Now anything which was output by a failing test will be printed. This option can also be enabled by setting the environment variable CTEST_OUTPUT_ON_FAILURE