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The full results of the survey have been published on 1 April 2019. They can be shortly summarised as follows (user percentage):

  • 93% used TIGGE
  • 12% used TIGGE-LAM
  • 17% used TIGGE tropical cyclone tracks (dedicated output in CXML format)

TIGGE/TIGGE-LAM (gridded data) related:

  • overall, 93% generally satisfied or very satisfied with TIGGE/TIGGE-LAM datasets as a research tool
  • 87% at least satisfied with exploring the data via the dedicated web Data Portals
  • 85% at least satisfied with the Web API interface to get the data programmatically
  • 86% (resp.76%) at least satisfied with the (TIGGE resp. TIGGE-LAM) documentation
  • 4.1% ( i.e. 6 users) the highest dissatisfaction in the survey related to getting the data via Web API service
  • almost 50 additional research articles identified (out of 270 in total)


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